100% Kids

Life’s more fun when you get to wear your imagination on your feet

Young fashionistas will love expressing their creativity as they bring their very own thong masterpiece to life. It’s like the Willy Wonka chocolate factory and Santa’s workshop combined. where you can let your imagination run wild with a sea of colour and the power to make anything imaginable by adding your magical personal touch.  Explore the most gigantic collection of thong colours, straps, charms, rivets, crystals, butterflies, flowers and engravable charms the web has ever seen!

Get creative together

It is so much more fun with friends, keeping them and the family entertained creating something magical you can see, feel and wear.
Then, almost like Christmas time, waiting excitedly for their creation to be custom-made by the WYMO elves and delivered to home - ready to slip on and show off.

Comfy and kid-resistant

Our unisex Brazilian-rubber, Aussie-made thongs are gentle on young feet and super durable to carry them wherever they scamper.

Child safe

Feel assured knowing all our thongs and accessories are safe for children and meet required safety standards.


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