Our Product

We all have a need for thongs whether it is for the beach, around the house, or a pair in your hand bag. Maybe when your heels need a rest?  So why not have a pair that looks great!

WYMO have sourced products from around the globe. Over 2 years was spent in testing our products for comfort, durability, endurance and quality. We have ensured that the thongs and accessories are safe for children and meet the highest safety standards. The Thongs themselves are made from 100% premium synthetic Brazilian rubber with a PVC strap, we found that this product is the only material that met our quality standards. To maintain the quality of our product we also sought out specialised equipment to aid WYMO staff in the assembly process, this makes it easier and safer for them to create your one of a kind masterpiece.


Why Us?

High fashion at guilt-free prices

Our high-quality thongs and accessories make it fun and easy to express your personality and style without breaking the bank, or even the piggy bank.

Your perfect thong, on-demand

What’s Your Mo is your happy place for fabulous Thongs (or flip flop) shopping, because ‘designed by you’ means your one-of-a-kind style, fit and strap size are always available.

Delicious range of colours and accessories

With the biggest selection of colours and accessories on the web, creating What’s Your Mo thongs is like having the keys to Willy Wonka’s factory - the only limit is your imagination.

Imagine the ability to create a custom pair of thongs for yourself

With a delicious range of 12 sole colours, 18 strap colours and over 1000’s of different combinations and possibilities from our rivets, charms, letters, crystals and engravable charms to choose from. We also have a range of silk flowers and butterflies that young girls adore. There are no limits to your design, be it floral, bling, gold, silver, punk and much more. It will remain unique to your style.

Next level gifts

What’s better than a gift designed by you that says how much you care. You’ll be the BFF, golden child, parent or partner others will envy.

Built for comfort

Head-turning looks and comfortable are a rare blend in footwear. Our dazzling thongs have soft soles which have ultra comfort and perfect cushioning with custom straps to keep fussy feet and toes blissful all day and night.

Tough as (toe) nails

Our Brazilian-born, Aussie-created thongs aren’t just sexy, they’re Amazonian strong. Wear them at the beach, to the festival, on the town and know they’ll always carry you home.

Safe for kids and Mother Earth

Looking after people and planets is a big part of our mantra. Our manufacturer uses child-safe materials, offsets their thong footprint and recycles all waste product as well as being corporate and socially responsible.
Rubber is known for its non-slippery qualities, making sure our thongs are safe to use in wet areas such as in SPA's, cruises, showers, around swimming pool.

It’s 100% fun

Whats Your Mo is all about getting creative and having fun. And who doesn’t love shopping for the latest, most exclusive designer footwear in the world, right?

All this is assembled for you once you place your online order

What’s Your MO exceptional customer service are an integral part of our success. Our staff are trained in all aspects of the concept bringing you:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Assembly
  • Prompt delivery to your doorstep


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