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No matter where you roam or call home, take a slice of Australia with you.

If you’re visiting Australia - or back home wishing you were still down under – Create everlasting memories that remind you of the sunshine, the beach and all the beauty you discovered. Express your personal style and create your own original Aussie souvenir. Custom-design with WYMO, and your one-of-a-kind foot fashion will take you back to Australia with every step you take.

Bigger than The Outback

Explore and pick from the largest online range of thong colours, styles and accessories to design your only-pair-on-the-planet Aussie flip flops.

Built for the road

Your thongs are made in Oz using high quality Brazilian rubber – so they’re super durable and comfortable as they carry you wherever your travels take you.

Delivered around the world

Design your thongs in just minutes on the site and we’ll deliver them to your address in Australia or wherever you live overseas.



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