About Us

Our Story

Here in Australia we love our thongs.
What’s Your MO has discovered a way to bring them to life.
Let your imagination run wild and discover 1000’s of possibilities to create your personalised pair of thongs from our collection of colours and accessories.
A fun, interactive and unique way to express your personality, adding your magical personal touch as your thongs come alive.

We’re flipping (and flopping) our way through life.

We all know how fashionable thongs are. Here at What’s Your MO with your help we want to take them to the next level.

We give you all the tools you need to custom build a spectacular pair of thongs.

• The most comfortable, durable and bewitching thongs you’ve ever met
• True quality and exceptional value
• An easy way to custom-design your own foot fashion masterpieces
• Share your personal style, creativity and imagination with the world
• Products certified-safe for people and the planet

Let’s stand together, in our comfy and dazzling footwear.

Who is Whats Your MO?

It was 2013 Sydney, Australia and my worst fears were realised, my favourite and trusted thongs had just had a blow out.

We went browsing the usual shops for another pair and started to notice a pattern. Any quality pair of thongs with any bling was just way overpriced.

That’s when we had an epiphany, why not find a way to let people accessorize their thongs with whatever they choose. Do it at a reasonable price and supply good quality thongs.

After about 2 years of R&D we finally found the solution and suppliers, that’s when our story came to life.

In December of 2015 we launched our first pop-up shop, with fantastic results.

After building a loyal customer base the next step was to go online, this proved harder than we thought, but we have made it and now offer our full range for you to browse in your PJ’s.

Along the way we have added to our collection, this culminated with our signature piece the engravable charm. A beautiful silver or gold charm that can be engraved with anything you wish it to say, your name or a message of love for someone special.

We are proud to say we can now offer the largest range of colours and accessories on the market and have opened up the possibilities for the Australian iconic thong. Our range would not be out of place on the beach or in the ballroom, we have accessories for weddings and lazy weekends. Oh, and kids love them too.


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