Can I add more accessories too my strap than you recommend?

Absolutely, we know what it is like when you have a design in your mind so please contact us at solutions@whatsyourmo.com.au and we can help you make it come to life.

Whoops, I’ve made a mistake. Can I change my order?

We will try our absolute best! But the chances are if your order has already been produced, then we won’t be able to change it. Sometimes our production line is super quick so most of the time we’ll be unable to. We're also based here in Australia, so unfortunately different time zones can mean a delay in letting us know. Please contact us as soon as possible at solutions@whatsyourmo.com.au and we will do our best to help.

Do you accept returns or exchanges on your custom-made products?

Unfortunately not, as each pair is tailored for your own personal taste. We suggest you choose carefully as once we have produced your masterpiece we are unable to refund or exchange. If you need help with sizing please refer to our Perfect Fit instructions.

Do you accept returns or exchanges on your designer range?

Unfortunately not as these pairs are all custom made too and tweaked to your style and size. This page is just a quick and easy way for you to see our favourite pairs purchased over the years by our customers and provide you with a quick costing.

There's something wrong with my order that you sent me?

Oops! We are only human so sometimes we too make mistakes. If you receive your order incorrectly contact us straightaway so we can rectify. solutions@whatsyourmo.com.au
Are your thongs environmentally sustainable?
Yes, not just are thongs but everything from our thongs to our packaging are manufactured in ways that minimize their impact on the environment we also endeavour to be socially responsible and insist this of our suppliers. Check out our earth friendly page. We love to help both planet and people.

Where is your pop-up store?

We are focusing on the website at the moment, but when we decide on the location of a new pop-up we will advertise it on our social media pages, also keep up to date with all our events and new lines at “Our Stories Our Blog” page.

Do you do events, pop- ups and parties?

We love bringing our product to you, contact us at hello@whatsyourmo.com.au to discuss your needs.

How do I know my size?

Our thongs are made in brazil so look at our Perfect Fit page, we highly recommend you follow the instructions in the tutorial to help us find your Perfect Fit. Please enter the size of your foot into your order so we can help you help us in finding your correct size.

Is there any difference in the colours?

All our sole colours are solid colours, with the exception of white, silver and gold. The white is printed so you get a better and brighter true white colour. The gold and silver printed pairs are designed to wear to give the illusion of a weathered sand washed beach look.

Will the decorations hurt my feet?

The accessories are attached professionally and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that this does not happen.

Can I clean my thongs?

Of course you can. Dip your thongs in water with detergent for a few minutes. Use a soft non-abrasive sponge to clean them and then rinse them. Do not put them into a washing machine, this can damage the product when customised.

Can I reshape my thong straps?

You sure can, when heat is applied to the rubber, the rubber gets flexible/workable, once it cools off it seals the shape. Here is what you can do to re-shape straps:
1. If the rear of the strap has moved, twist them in the sole so that they point in the correct direction, (all straps in the sample photos are in the correct position)
2. Place something under the straps to hold it up (such as socks.)
3. Use a hair blow dryer on the straps for approx. 30 seconds ensure you do not overheat. Focus on the middle part of the strap (the part where the straps meet together). If you don’t have a hair dryer place with socks in direct sunlight and let them warm up.
4. Let the strap cool off.
5. Remove the socks. That's it! The strap will be re shaped!

If you have any questions that are not on our website or just want to have a chat with us please contact us at solutions@whatsyourmo.com.au We love a chat!


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