Earth Friendly

We are proud to be earth friendly and socially responsible!

We pay a little more for all our products and packaging, as we ensure that all our supplier’s products and packaging are sourced and manufactured responsibly and eco-friendly. Our suppliers donate a percentage of their sales from us to different charities around the world. When we purchase our products and packaging it is all about giving back to their communities as well.

Our thongs are committed to protect our environment

Yes, the WYMO thongs are manufactured in Brazil, made of rubber and contain no Polyurethane or EVA (popularly known by ('foam'). Our thongs are made of a synthetic rubber (SSBR) and (PVR).They are recyclable and can be reprocessed in the manufacturing of various types of products, consequently avoiding the accumulation of waste and solid waste in nature, and encouraging environmental protection. There is no waste in our production process. As each pair of thongs are cut, the left over trimmings are melted down into new rubber sheets for re-use recycling. This continuing recycling process makes our manufacturer stand out for its originality and social commitment, stimulating environmental sustainability. This is the opposite of conventional manufacturing which has a tremendous amount of waste and a negative impact on our environment. Just another thing to feel good about!

Our thong’s give back to the environment

Our manufacturer seek to preserve the environment by controlling the emission of gases in the atmosphere. Considering that their main source of thermal energy is from plant/vegetable origin, they maintain a program of replanting and encouraging the recovery of native plants in their region, especially the specimens close to extinction.
They avoid the exotic vegetation, which are alien to their habitat, to protect their ecosystem, preventing pests and damage to flora and fauna in Brazil.
Our manufacturer is part of a project which produces seedlings on a large scale for their replanting program and as a result they will become surplus in the production of O2 as they reduce further CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Sustainable packaging

All the packaging we have chosen is either re-usable, recyclable or biodegradable. We have sourced paper packing products to protect your thongs as this material is 50% recycled paper and the other 50% is sourced from sustainable growth forests.


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