Design your Perfect Thong

Create your own fashion statement and slip into summer’s most exclusive foot fashion

What’s better than summertime? Enjoying those glorious sunny days basking on the beach, partying by the pool or mixing with friends (and fascinating newcomers) at brunches, bars, beach weddings, special occasions and outdoor festivals.

Though these are lazy days you can still look fabulous in your very own, custom designed, one of a kind WYMO thongs. Match them with your fave summer fashions and occasions.

Yes, it’s time to wave goodbye to frustrating days of finding the ideal thong…if only it had come in aqua blue, or shimmering gold, or with cute charms. Your on-point foot fashion awaits…

Make it all about you

A dazzling range of colours and accessories to express your personality and taste - from bohemian to bling, rocker to sophisticated, subtle to extravagant.

Look and feel dreamy

Our Brazilian-rubber, Aussie-made thongs are super stylish, tough and comfy, guaranteed to keep you and your feet blissful all day and night.

Be Earth-friendly

Feel good knowing you’re wearing child-safe materials from a business that offsets its carbon footprint and recycles all waste products.

Inspiration Plus

If you need a little inspiration take a look through our inspiration plus gallery. Or you can buy from our custom - made favourites selection that have already become classics.


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