How it Works

Please read the instructions below carefully before proceeding to Design Workshop

Fashioning a Masterpiece. Whatever they are called where you are from, thongs, flip-flops, chappal, qainchi chappals, chanceletas, chinelos, sandals, jandals, slippers, plakkies, zories, slops, ojotas, clam diggers we can guide you in creating your work of art. Your creation will be made in Australia with love, using high quality thongs from our sustainable factory in Brazil and delivered to you within days.

How to create your own What's Your MO Thongs

Master Class – Click on the links below (Design Instructions and Engravable Instructions) and let us guide you through our Design Workshops.

Inspiration Plus – Browse our inspiration gallery to see some of our customers fabulous creations we brought to life. Or if you are a true artist, jump in and click the “Design Workshop” button.

Perfect Fit – Let us show you how to measure your foot so we can get the perfect size for you. Click on the perfect fit button and follow the instructions.

Design Workshop – Enter the imagination wonderland, stir the colour pot and create the canvas by choosing your bases and straps. Use your magical touch to add the ‘all about me’ ingredients of accessories, transforming the humble thong into a reflection of you.

Dispatch your Blueprint – Our WYMO workshop team will take your creation from the virtual world and transform it into your very own walking piece of art.

Ready for the Catwalk – We will deliver them into your hot little hands (and feet) within 10 working days, allowing you to parade around making everyone jealous. (Remember to be humble, not everyone has your creative gift.)


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