Pure Elegance

For when you are on the red carpet and are asked “Who are you wearing?” WYMO

What's Your MO means never having to fork out a fortune on designer-label thongs to look and feel a million dollars. Instead, spoil your feet the creative way by designing your own dream thongs - in your perfect size, style and super soothing fit – at a price you’ll swoon over too. They’re the perfect finishing touch for groups on fun days and nights out. Wear them to the races or slip them on later when your heals become too much.
Step out with confidence or simply sashay around the house and neighbourhood looking effortlessly fabulous!

Perfect Wedding

Create something truly memorable for your idyllic wedding day. Imagine walking the sands to your loved one in your stunning dress and thongs to match.
We have a great range that will compliment any bride’s desires. (Oh and don’t forget your bridesmaids)

Luxury and Elegance

Feel the luxury and elegance of your masterpiece, the world is at your feet.

Designer level swish

Strut through the world’s largest online collection of elegant styles, colours and accessories to create bespoke thongs and watch the heads turn.

Carry you around town

Our Brazilian-born, Australian-made thongs aren’t just elegant and sexy, they’re Amazonian strong. Wear them out again and again, and know they’ll always carry you home.

Think Designer fashion without the gouging

We make it fun and easy to express your personality and sophisticated style without breaking the bank, or even the piggy bank.

Delivered quickly

Design your thongs in just minutes on the site and we’ll deliver them to your address in Australia or wherever you live overseas.

Create your own bespoke thongs


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