Our Range

For when you are on the red carpet and are asked “Who are you wearing?” WYMO

Life’s more fun when you get to wear your imagination on your feet

No matter where you roam or call home, take a slice of Australia with you.

The world is at your feet.  Make a statement and standout!

You have the power to make anything imaginable just add your personal touch using our range.

  • The Soles come in all the colours of the rainbow plus black, white, silver and gold.
  • Strap colours, imagine a metallic rainbow with Fluro thrown into the mix.
  • We use stylish bases and slim line straps for a more elegant look.
  • Unique rivets that are too many to describe, studs, spikes, skulls, pyramids, roses, hearts, stars and more. You get the picture.
  • Hand painted charms designed by us, inspiration from land, sea and air with an added touch of sparkle.
  • WYMO designed A-Z bold Letters in polished gold and silver.
  • Crystals that sparkle from any point of view in a range of clear and coloured.
  • The lustre of pearls also in different hues.
  • Glittery fabric butterflies to tickle your toes.
  • Silk and glitter flowers, you can stack in combinations to create boundless colours and effects.
  • Our signature engravable charms in gold and silver. Say what you want when you want but with your feet.

The combinations and possibilities are endless. There are no limits to your self-expression when designing, so unleash your imagination and it will remain unique to your style.


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